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Service Reviews

A service review is a comprehensive review of municipal services within a designated geographic area conducted to: (1) obtain information about the services; (2) evaluate the provision of services from a comprehensive perspective; and (3) recommend actions to promote the efficient provision of those services.

The CKH Act mandates that LAFCO conduct service reviews prior to or in conjunction with sphere of influence updates and requires LAFCO to review and update the sphere of influence of each city and special district as necessary, but not less than once every five years. [Government Code § 56430(e)]

LAFCO of Santa Clara County has completed its first round of service reviews and is currently conducting its second round of service reviews.

The first round of services reviews were conducted from 2003 through 2007 and focused on developing relationships with cities and special districts, collecting basic information on the various agencies and developing accurate maps for special districts.

First Round Service Reviews

TheModel Implementation second round of service reviews began in 2009 and is ongoing. These reviews focus on collecting more detailed information; identifying and analyzing issues related to public accountability transparency, and service efficiency and effectiveness; providing recommendations to address these issues; raising public awareness about potential solutions to these issues and working with agencies to implement recommendations. This round of service reviews is based on a model which encourages and monitors the implementation of service review recommendations.

Second Round Service Reviews

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